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Started as Reed field.
Then known as Finlay field.
Then became Landsem.
Now Lusardi Field.

Traffic pattern:

CTAF is 122.9

All traffic is left pattern. Preferred landing is to the north. Takeoffs to the south.

The wind sock is located in the field east of the runway just north of mid-field. It is not lit at night.

When using left traffic to land to the north please use a pattern altitude of 1200' ASL.
Please try to remain east of Cordon Rd. when on downwind. The cell tower (marked with a flashing red beacon) at the Marion County maintenance yards is a good reference for the downwind to base turn. On base you should be able to locate and line up for the runway. Please use a good short field approach. Please be aware of the braking conditions that apply to a grass runway.

Landings to the south and departures to the north are not recommended unless the wind favors them at 5 knots or more.

There is often a strong crosswind on the airport. Please check the wind sock.

There are tall trees (over 100') approximately 300 feet north of the runway.
There is a filbert orchard at the south end of the runway. The trees are about 30' tall.

If your ground roll is more than 1000' on landing or more then 1000' on takeoff you may want to consider landing at KSLE and arranging for ground transportation.